Parents with Kids

Family Ministry

Family groups are designed to connect parents in a similar life stage. "Parents with Kids" groups are designated for parents with young to elementary school children and parents of teens. To help you find the group that fits, check out the bios listed for each group.

Carlsbad Campus - Groups for Parents with Kids

ViewBaer, Bill & JaniceParents of TeensSermon-based, Men & WomenWednesday2
ViewCliff, Matt & JenniParents of TeensSermon-based, Men & WomenWednesday0
ViewDeLeon, Dan & SusanParents of TeensSermon-based, Men & WomenTuesday2
ViewOrr, Jeff & HeidiParents of TeensSermon-based, Men & WomenTuesday0
ViewRandel, Justin & SunnyParents of TeensSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday0
ViewBeeson, Brock & ArynYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday0
ViewBurke, Tim & SherriYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Men & WomenWednesday2
ViewChadwick, Austin & BeckyYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday0
ViewDaichendt, Jim & RachelYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Couples OnlyWednesday0
ViewEichholz, Chris & LizYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday0
ViewHelm, Luke & ChristiYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Men & WomenSunday0
ViewKametz, Joe & LiYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Men & WomenSunday0
ViewSheridan, Rex & MichelleYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Men & WomenMonday0
ViewTaylor, Matt & KellyYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday0
ViewWiley, James & SylviaYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday2