Singles & Young Adult Groups

Carlsbad Campus offers Life Groups to singles in three stages: college-aged, young professional and established adult.  These groups are designated for singles looking to build community and healthy friendships based on God's word on a weekly basis. Groups range from 12-18 adults and often meet outside of groups in various social settings.  To help find the right group, read the brief group description and check out the location and meeting time.

ViewHartwell, Megan SinglesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday21
ViewAstl, LindyYoung AdultsCollege, Men & Women 18-25Thursday3
ViewBostwick, Mick & DebYoung AdultsSermon-based, Men & WomenWednesday0
ViewBreckenridge, Ryan & Lindsay MarsolaisYoung AdultsCollege, Men & Women 18-25Monday14
ViewFriesen, Ryan & Leah GastonYoung AdultsSermon-based, Singles OnlyThursday0
ViewShevchenko, Elliott & Makayla RutschYoung AdultsSermon-based, Singles OnlyThursday0