Rancho Bernardo Area

Family Ministry

The following are Life Groups located in Rancho Bernardo and surrounding area. If you attend North Coast Church Rancho Bernardo Campus or live in the Rancho Bernardo area, you may want to consider one of these groups. We look forward to connecting the Rancho Bernardo community with each other to share life and study God's word. 

Rancho Bernardo Groups

ViewCason, ChuckGeneralSermon-based, Men OnlySaturday6
ViewChassen, Ben & MollyGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenWednesday0
Viewde Jong, Mark & SharonGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenWednesday0
ViewEllis, Nate & KaelaGeneralSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday6
ViewJohnston, Gary & MelissaGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenWednesday14
ViewOgden, Kevin & Karen GeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenTuesday0
ViewRolfson, Kris & ChristyGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday6
ViewSorenson, Conrad GeneralSermon-based, Men OnlyTuesday10
ViewTeravainen, Tony & JackieGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenTuesday5
ViewTibbs, Nate & CadyGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday0
ViewWelnick, Bill & AnnemarieGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenTuesday0