Specialty Groups


Specialty/Targeted groups are designed to connect more specific groups of people. They might be sermon based or have a specific curriculum. Read the Leader, Title, Station-in-Life and Focus to determine if this niche group is right for you.



San Marcos/Escondido Specialty Groups

ViewBudvarson, DawnieSinglesBook Study, Women OnlyWednesday0
ViewParker, PennySinglesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday0
ViewCoasters ConnectSpecial StudiesPrayer & Support, Women OnlyTuesday6
ViewEspinosa, Russell Special StudiesDiscipleship Study, Men OnlySaturday10
ViewFinancial Peace-Nelson, Amy & MattSpecial StudiesDVD-Study, Men & WomenMonday14
ViewHiggins, ScottSpecial StudiesPrayer & Support, Men OnlySaturday3
ViewStowe, JeffSpecial StudiesPrayer & Support, Men OnlyTuesday0
ViewWelnick, Annemarie-Women in PrayerSpecial StudiesStudy & Prayer, Women OnlyMonday6
ViewBaca, Randy TargetedMen OnlyThursday0
ViewFirefighters-Diersing, Steve & JaneTargetedMen & WomenTuesday3
ViewHenderson, Mark, Bentley, PhillipTargetedMen OnlyThursday6
ViewLaw Enforcement-Gonzales, Florante & DonnaTargetedMen & WomenTuesday0
ViewLepere, JeffTargetedMen OnlyFriday0