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ViewBelcher, Dave & DennyEmpty NestSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday2Fallbrook Campus
ViewMiller, Read & CarolEmpty NestSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday1Vista Campus
ViewAdams, Mike & TheresaGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday2Ramona Campus
ViewArnold, Don & DebiGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday7SM-E Campus
ViewBoyajian, Bill & JoyceGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday2Carlsbad Campus
ViewBrown, Gene & LeannaGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday1Vista Campus
ViewChandler, Tim & EmilyGeneralLife Group Cafe, Men & WomenThursday3Vista Campus
ViewEckblad, Mike & NormaGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday1SM-E Campus
ViewElliott, Rick & PamelaGeneralLife Group Cafe, Men & WomenThursday11Vista Campus
ViewLyall, Warren & Highfill, Steve & DeedeeGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday5SM-E Campus
ViewMarshall, Randy & CindyGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday1Vista Campus
ViewMcKellar-Mullen, TimothyGeneralLife Group Cafe, Men & WomenThursday5Vista Campus
ViewRiley, Brian & CeciliaGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday5Ramona Campus
ViewRoss, KenGeneralLife Group Cafe, Men & WomenThursday2Vista Campus
ViewSiemens, Roy & RobinGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday3Fallbrook Campus
ViewSnow, RandyGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday4SM-E Campus
ViewVillelli, Frank & JulieGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday2Fallbrook Campus
ViewWard, Chris & DeniseGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday3Vista Campus
ViewWard, Wayne & DelilahGeneralSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday4Carlsbad Campus
ViewBrady, LeliaMilitarySermon-based, Women OnlyThursday2Vista Campus
ViewBuractaon, Juan & ShelliMilitarySermon-based, Men & WomenThursday2Vista Campus
ViewDiaz, Joses & BrianneMilitarySermon-based, Men & WomenThursday5Vista Campus
ViewKennedy, Ron & LudmilaMilitarySermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday4Vista Campus
ViewLee, Guy & CarolMilitarySermon-based, Men & WomenThursday1Vista Campus
ViewPerry, Buck & ChristineMilitarySermon-based, Men & WomenThursday5Vista Campus
ViewRang, Russell & PatriciaMilitarySermon-based, Men & WomenThursday4Vista Campus
ViewRosario, Craig & HeidiMilitarySermon-based, Men & WomenThursday8Vista Campus
ViewCantu, Russ & SarahParents of Kids, K-6Sermon-based, Men & WomenThursday3Vista Campus
ViewFerrante, Chris & AutumnParents of Kids, K-6Sermon-based, Men & WomenThursday4Vista Campus
ViewFoos, Dave & MoniqueParents of Kids, K-6Sermon-based, Men & WomenThursday2SM-E Campus
ViewHoffman, Adam & KimParents of Kids, K-6Sermon-based, Men & WomenThursday2Vista Campus
ViewLindquist, Wes & CassandraParents of Kids, K-6Sermon-based, Men & WomenThursday3SM-E Campus
ViewLorson, Jeremy & AnneliseParents of Kids, K-6Sermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday6SM-E Campus
ViewNord, Mike & Kay Parents of Kids, K-6Sermon-based, Men & WomenThursday6Vista Campus
ViewPistone, Paul & HeatherParents of Kids, K-6Sermon-based, Men & WomenThursday1Vista Campus
ViewGilbert, Gary & CindyParents of TeensSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday3SM-E Campus
ViewHolmes, CarolynParents of TeensSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday6Vista Campus
ViewKuo, Phil & TrudyParents of TeensLife Group Cafe, Men & WomenThursday1Vista Campus
ViewWeber, Mike & JulieParents of TeensLife Group Cafe, Men & WomenThursday1Vista Campus
ViewWinter, Mike & HeatherParents of TeensSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday6SM-E Campus
View@Home, "Fervent" by Priscilla Shirer (Allison-Johnston)REAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday1Carlsbad Campus
View@Home, "The Caregiving Season" (Talbot)REAL WomenBook Study, Women OnlyThursday4Carlsbad Campus
View@Home, "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis (Shipley/Harding)REAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday1Carlsbad Campus
ViewFit "Walking/None Like Him by Jen Wilkin " (Crommett/Verdult)REAL WomenBook Study, Women OnlyThursday7Carlsbad Campus
ViewFit "Walking/Running/Praying the Scriptures" (Hartman/Zorn)REAL WomenTBA, Women OnlyThursday3Carlsbad Campus
ViewFriesen, Joyce and Mary Jo WilsonREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday3Carlsbad Campus
ViewHemig, Janine and Joyce WeissenbergerREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday2Carlsbad Campus
ViewHunter, Joanna and Karin LaytonREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday1Carlsbad Campus
ViewMang, Darlene and Grace ChapmanREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday2Carlsbad Campus
ViewNeuberg, Sheila and Carmen FinneyREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday1Carlsbad Campus
ViewOrr, Heidi and Allison MillerREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday1Carlsbad Campus
ViewWest, Barb and Jayne GrattanREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday4Carlsbad Campus
ViewAllen, Jim & LeaneSenior AdultsSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday1Vista Campus
ViewOlson, JoyceSenior AdultsSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday1Vista Campus
ViewParizeau, RonSenior AdultsSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday1Vista Campus
ViewSlottje, Dave & MaureenSenior AdultsSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday1Vista Campus
ViewGood, Joely & Spina, GinaSinglesSermon-based, Single ParentsThursday2Vista Campus
ViewHartwell, Megan SinglesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday21Carlsbad Campus
ViewHerrera, Jessica & Robinson, CortneySinglesSermon-based, Single ParentsThursday10Vista Campus
ViewMurphy, Terry & Vaughn, RebekaSinglesDVD-Study, Single ParentsThursday8Vista Campus
ViewNorton, Dorcy & Miller, NormaSinglesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday7Vista Campus
ViewRoof, Jennifer & Lopez, VivianaSinglesSermon-based, Single Moms, Under 40Thursday4Vista Campus
ViewSanchez, AliciaSinglesSermon-based, Women OnlyThursday2Vista Campus
ViewUhle, David & Matisohn, MarySinglesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday3Vista Campus
ViewWelles, Scott & Foster, DylanSinglesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday3Vista Campus
ViewWInter-Parker, PennySinglesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday3SM-E Campus
ViewFrazier, JaneSpecial StudiesBook Study, Women OnlyThursday1Vista Campus
ViewLichon, KeithSpecial StudiesStudy & Prayer, Men OnlyThursday1Vista Campus
ViewWilson, Jesse & KellySpecial StudiesMarriage-focused Study, Men & WomenThursday4Fallbrook Campus
View Adomitis, CoryTargetedMen OnlyThursday9Ramona Campus
ViewAtkinson, Sue TargetedWomen OnlyThursday1Carlsbad Campus
ViewBrandow, GayleTargetedWomen OnlyThursday3Vista Campus
ViewCarlson, RandyTargetedMen OnlyThursday2Vista Campus
ViewCastellones, Ron & Victoria TargetedBlended FamiliesThursday3Ramona Campus
ViewFinancial Peace UniversityTargetedMen & WomenThursday8Ramona Campus
ViewFirst Responders-Hanks, Mike & MerleTargetedMen & WomenThursday3SM-E Campus
ViewGonsalves, Oli & SusieTargetedMen & WomenThursday5Vista Campus
ViewHenderson, Mark, Bentley, PhillipTargetedMen OnlyThursday1SM-E Campus
ViewPentland, SusanTargetedWomen OnlyThursday1Fallbrook Campus
ViewSchrimpf, Jamie & JulieTargetedBlended FamiliesThursday2Fallbrook Campus
ViewSebrasky, Ed & Chris WilsonTargetedMen OnlyThursday3Carlsbad Campus
ViewSiska, NicoleTargetedWomen OnlyThursday2Vista Campus
ViewSur, GinaTargetedWomen OnlyThursday1Vista Campus
ViewThaanum, SheriTargetedWomen OnlyThursday2Vista Campus
View@TheRiver-Sermon-based (Cullison/Kraft)Women's GroupsSermon-based, Women OnlyThursday9SM-E Campus
View@TheWell- Celebration of Discipline-(Rondeau/Reeser)Women's GroupsBook Study, Women OnlyThursday1SM-E Campus
View@TheWell-A Long Obedience in the Same Direction-(Elmore/Marion)Women's GroupsBook Study, Women OnlyThursday1SM-E Campus
ViewAstl, LindyYoung AdultsCollege, Men & Women 18-25Thursday3Carlsbad Campus
ViewAlmond, Matt & VikkiYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday4Vista Campus
ViewClark, Chris & AngelicYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday2Vista Campus
ViewEarnest, John & AshleighYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday2Vista Campus
ViewHall, Robert & AhnaYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday4SM-E Campus
ViewKerley, Michael & Ellie Young FamiliesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday3Fallbrook Campus
ViewMcDaniel TJ and MeganYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday4Ramona Campus
ViewOsborne, Nathan & MarieYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday3Vista Campus
ViewPaul, Shaun & KristenYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday2Vista Campus
ViewSpencer, Kevin & KatieYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday2Fallbrook Campus
ViewWagner, Brian & AndreaYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday1Ramona Campus
ViewWhite, Todd & BrookeYoung FamiliesSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday4Fallbrook Campus
ViewCardiff, Kyle & CourtneyYoung MarriedsSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday2Ramona Campus
ViewHayford, Logan & LaurenYoung MarriedsSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday3Carlsbad Campus
ViewJohnson, Richard & NicoleYoung MarriedsSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday1SM-E Campus
ViewLooney, Don & SusanYoung MarriedsSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday4Vista Campus
ViewPrazak, Chris & LauraYoung MarriedsSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday4Vista Campus
ViewPrince, Daniel & DelaneyYoung MarriedsSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday4Vista Campus
ViewRobinson, Marc & ValYoung MarriedsLife Group Cafe, Men & WomenThursday7Vista Campus
ViewSchiel, Mark & CatherineYoung MarriedsSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday3Vista Campus