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View@@TCC, "Calm My Anxious Heart" by Linda Dillow, (Campaigne/Orr)REAL WomenBook Study, Women OnlyTuesday9Carlsbad Campus
View@Home, "Fervent" by Priscilla Shirer (Allison-Johnston)REAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday1Carlsbad Campus
View@Home, "Love and Respect" by Emerson Eggerichs (Bate/Turner)REAL WomenBook Study, Women OnlyWednesday2Carlsbad Campus
View@Home, "REAL Women Equip" (Ulrich/Spencer)REAL WomenDiscipleship Study, Women OnlyTuesday1Carlsbad Campus
View@Home, "Sermon Based Study" (Cheatham/McElyea)REAL WomenSermon-based, Women OnlyTuesday1Carlsbad Campus
View@Home, "The Caregiving Season" (Talbot)REAL WomenBook Study, Women OnlyThursday4Carlsbad Campus
View@Home, "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis (Shipley/Harding)REAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday1Carlsbad Campus
ViewAllison-Johnston, Kim and Debbie GriffithREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyWednesday3Carlsbad Campus
ViewBoltares, Becky and Carrie LittleREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyWednesday2Carlsbad Campus
ViewDunn, Barbara and Kristin NewsomREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyWednesday2Carlsbad Campus
ViewEngebrits, Susanne and Kerry SarrisREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyWednesday3Carlsbad Campus
ViewFit "Walking/None Like Him by Jen Wilkin " (Crommett/Verdult)REAL WomenBook Study, Women OnlyThursday7Carlsbad Campus
ViewFit "Walking/Running/Praying the Scriptures" (Hartman/Zorn)REAL WomenTBA, Women OnlyThursday3Carlsbad Campus
ViewFriesen, Joyce and Mary Jo WilsonREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday3Carlsbad Campus
ViewFroelich, Caleen, Karla Bokhoven & Kristin SmithREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyWednesday1Carlsbad Campus
ViewHemig, Janine and Joyce WeissenbergerREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday2Carlsbad Campus
ViewHunter, Joanna and Karin LaytonREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday1Carlsbad Campus
ViewLunch Date (Shoemaker/Sims)REAL WomenSermon-based, Women OnlyWednesday2Carlsbad Campus
ViewMang, Darlene and Grace ChapmanREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday2Carlsbad Campus
ViewNeuberg, Sheila and Carmen FinneyREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday1Carlsbad Campus
ViewOrr, Heidi and Allison MillerREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday1Carlsbad Campus
ViewSutliff, Cindy, Rachel Auen & Taryn RogersREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyWednesday1Carlsbad Campus
ViewWest, Barb and Jayne GrattanREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyThursday4Carlsbad Campus
ViewWindrum, Peggy & Sharon ScottREAL WomenDVD-Study, Women OnlyWednesday3Carlsbad Campus