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Station-in-Life: Arise
Safe People/I'd Like You More if You Were More Like Me (Jones)
Book Study, Women Only
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These 2 studies are continuing from the fall session. Authors: Henry Cloud, John Townsend/John Ortberg~ Safe People: Do your "people connections" lift you up or drag you down? If you often make "wrong" choices in love, work, or friendships, you can learn to find people who are good for you! Cloud and Townsend identify traits of untrustworthy people, offer practical strategies for forming healthy associations, and reveal things about yourself that jeopardize relationships. I'd Like You More if You Were More Like Me: We can't win in life without making deep connections. But sometimes that's difficult because we're so different from each other---and from God! The good news is that intimacy is based on shared experiences, not our similarities. Ortberg reminds us that our Creator longs to be closer to us---and to become part of our daily lives.
Meets on: Tuesday at 9:00 AM
Location: North Coast Church, Vista Campus
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Maximum Enrollment: 9
Status: Closed
Suzi Jones
Mary Jardin