Parents of Teens

Family Ministry

Guiding our teens through the transitional years to adulthood can be some of the most rewarding and yet stressful times we ever experience in life. It is our passion to help people connect with each other for support, through prayer, Bible studies, and sharing. Come and be involved with other people who have been or are going through the same issues in life.


ViewArvidson, Phil & KimSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday0
ViewBrown, Chris & Amy Sermon-based, Men & WomenTuesday0
ViewCortes, Frank & MicheleSermon-based, Couples OnlyWednesday0
ViewEnns, Dave & KoreenaSermon-based, Men & WomenWednesday0
ViewHargrove, Michael & LindaSermon-based, Men & WomenWednesday3
ViewHolmes, CarolynSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday4
ViewJohnson, Stan & JodySermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday0
ViewKeegan, Chad & HollySermon-based, Men & WomenThursday0
ViewKidwell, Steve & TheresaSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday0
ViewKuo, Phil & TrudyLife Group Cafe, Men & WomenThursday2
ViewMartinez, Jose & MichelleSermon-based, Men & WomenTuesday0
ViewMayton, Roger & MariaSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday0
ViewPak, Kwang & JulieSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday0
ViewPortacio, Sonny & SandySermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday0
ViewRoundtree, Jason & LisaSermon-based, Men & WomenThursday0
ViewRyan, Patrick & SoniaSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday0
ViewSlevinsky, Ken & AngelaSermon-based, Couples OnlyThursday0
ViewVanderford, Gary/TuesdaySermon-based, Men & WomenTuesday0
ViewVanVreeswyk, ReneSermon-based, Men & WomenWednesday3
ViewWeber, Mike & JulieLife Group Cafe, Men & WomenThursday0